Thursday, 20 September 2012

PLAY SWAP Film Screening - Photos!

Game collection, skipping, limbo and the film screening. 
A brilliant end to an amazing project.

Eleanor Shipman

Friday, 14 September 2012

PLAY SWAP Film available online now!

A huge thank you to those who came along on Wednesday night to the screening of the PLAY SWAP film. Over 80 people came along, the majority of whom were local people and participants, some of which had never come to Pembroke House before, and others who made new contacts - the older people's group in the film are now joining the Lunch Club on their outing to Cambridge. It was fantastic to see the project continue to bring people together, with local children playing in the space and people of all ages and cultural backgrounds adding their games to the board. 

A massive thank you as well to Michael Radford, the filmmaker for the project, who did a brilliant job filming the interviews, editing and processing the film.

For those of you who were unable to attend (and those keen enough to watch it again!) the film is now available on Vimeo. Just click here!

And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank the participants and all those involved in the PLAY SWAP project. It has been an inspiring, enlightening and amazing six months and I have had the pleasure of being well and truly welcomed into the Southwark community. Thank you!

Monday, 10 September 2012


Eleanor Shipman

Nursery Row Park goes rural - Re-imagine Your Elephant workshop

Re-imagine Your Elephant took place again last weekend at Nursery Row Park for their 'Nursery Row Park goes Rural' Annual Festival. Again it went down well, despite the vegetables withering (along with everyone else) in the heat. 

Peppers became palaces, Elephant's 'castle' was made with a cabbage leave roof and carrot turrets, and cucumbers, cauliflowers and leeks were sculpted into an alternative South London skyline.

Eleanor Shipman

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Release the Wolves! Go Karting on the Heygate Estate

Yesterday was another chaotic day of fun and mayhem for us as we took part in 'Release the Wolves' - a brilliant Go Kart race around the walkways of the Heygate. 

Organised by Cristina with five local youth groups, the race was a great success and involved everyone. Our team of Joseph, Hannah, Timothy and Nathaniel were amazing, with Timothy crashing straight into a wall but gallantly continuing and completing the circuit. Who says 4 year olds aren't hardcore!? The teams we were up against were aged 10 - 14, so we were at a slight disadvantage but didn't let that sway us! (See our team in Blue being unintimidated standing their ground next to the orange 'RRR' team)

Yes, we came fifth... out of five. But we had a brilliant time and we're sure the Pembroke Speed Frogs will live to race again! 

Giving the tyres a final pump for that extra speed...

Standing our ground!

On your marks...

First blind corner of the circuit...

Hannah good to go!

Nathaniel giving Timothy a final Health and Safety check.

The abandoned Heygate temporarily populated again.

A healthy snack to keep the team going...

Julian giving Nathaniel a hand up the last slope. 

Eleanor Shipman